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Three-Dimensional Leather Work Stamping Tool

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This tool is made of high hardness 304 stainless steel, sturdy, wear-resistent and durable.
After comparison of various materials, its hardness is high. So the retention performance is better and the service life is the longest.
We choose 304 stainless steel because it has an excellent stability and high hardness though it is much harder to process this material.

In the process of arrangement, six triangular planes can make the arrangement easier and more suitable. After the arrangement effect is completed, all triangular planes form a plane, and the armor pattern floats on this plane. If other printing shapes the leather material into one independent individual after another, the armor two series is to shape a whole leather material into two planes, The overall stereoscopic sense is more amazing.

I use 2mm carved leather in the demonstration diagram. If I use leather materials above 3.5mm, I think the three-dimensional feeling will be stronger.

POLISHING: Purely hand-polished, our masters relies on the experience and skill of using the printing tool to polish the tool, retaining the clarity of the printing effect and will not destroy leather pattern during use.

CRAFTWORK: CNC Engraving and Milling Technique is the finest processing method for stamp tool. It takes a long period to process this tool, including engraving, milling and polishing. It's very consuming in this process since we need to use particular blade to engrave and carve the tool repeatedly, and use a magnifier to check over it after complex procedures.

INTEGRATION: This tool is got from a whole piece of iron. From the shank to the stamp head, no welding! It's a whole integrated stamp tool, which can effectively avoid breaking and fracture when used. 

PRECISION: Fine detail craftsmanship is the most outstanding advantage of our product. Every tool has been checked again and again before leaving our factory to ensure that our clients receive a high quality product.


Material: 304 stainless steel

Sizes: Head diameter: 12mm,Total length: 109mm, Rod diameter: 8mm

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