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Stamping Leather Tool

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This professional leather-craft stamping tool applies to custom leather goods appearance logo.

  • Suitable for a handmade Leather jacket, bags, shoes, belt, watch wristband, and other crafts embellishments. 

  • The stamp set includes all 26 letters of the alphabet from A to Z, 10 numbers from 0 to 9. 
  • Made of extremely strong, durable material for powerful impact and long service life, giving you stronger imprints that display more accurately.

  • With good diamond sharpness, these tools can punch holes evenly and quickly.
  • A perfect tool for leather craft professionals and amateurs. You can make clear and accurate stamping results with less time and effort. 


  • Material: Alloy Steel

  • Color: Silver
  • Size: 6.5mm / 3.5mm


  • 1 Pcs Stamping Handle

  • 10 Pcs 0-10 numbers stamping heads

  • 26 Pcs A-Z alphabet letters stamping head