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Solid Brass Leather Perma-Lok Needle

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Perfect for many of shoelaces, ropes or other materials, and can be used to weave leather, weave paracord bracelets, do DIY craft words,accessories and paracord works. (school bags, rucksacks, travel bags, handbags, camera bags, computer bags, luggage series, clothing decoration)
Sharper threads for super tight hold. Lacing will not pull out of needle.

Threads in seconds, no hooks to break.

Amazing needles that almost never wear out.
For 3/32" and 1/8" lace.

Step 1: Cut the top into a sharp shape for threading the needle.
Step 2: Simply twist the leather or paracord into the threaded shaft of the needle and you are ready to finish off your project.
Material: Solid brass threaded needle
1x Solid Brass Needle