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Sock Blockers

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Real time saver for blocking your knitted socks!
Whatever type of sock you are knitting, your handiwork will stay taut, shaped and firmly in place!

Our Sock Blockers are shaped to assure your wet knitted socks get the right shape and size, no need to improvise with all kinds of stuff to fill inside your socks to block them.

Adjustable to seven settings for various sock sizes. From the smallest size to the largest (women’s size 5.5 - men’s size 11.5) and 5 additional sizes in between.

Two sections of sock blocker easily attach and detach to required size.

All edges are rounded to keep your sock projects whole and safe.

The blockers have a hook on top so you can easily hang them on a clothesline for faster drying.

Made from sturdy wood and won’t warp with use. The sock blockers have smooth surface and edges so your yarn won’t catch or snag.

These sock blockers make a great gift for the accomplished knitter or crocheter.