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Semi-Automatic Jewelry Hand Drill

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  • Made of solid and thicken high speed steel, durable, stable, anti-rust, high quality to use.
  • Drill Range: 0.2-2mm;
  • Micro Drill Bits: 0.3-1.6mm.
  • Perfect for drilling amber, beeswax, wood, plastic, contract, walnut, rubber, etc, but hard things are not suitable, such as stone, iron.
  • Have a good performance on drilling precision guide holes for a nail or power drill.

Product Specifications:
Drill Range: 0.2-2mm
Micro Drill Bits: 0.3-1.6mm
Weight: 64g
Color: Silver
Material: High Speed Steel

Package includes:
1 PCS X Handle
20 PCS X Drill Bit