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Round Leather Corner Cutting Ruler

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This item will help you make rounded corners and other round cuts to your leather project pieces.

  • More options for you:This tool has fourteen different radiuses of the rounded corners. (external circles & internal circles)
  • Use it to design or cut leather: Circle template ruler is easy to work with and is very efficient.


  • Material: Stainless steel

  • Thickness: 2 mm thickness (0.08 inch)

  • Weight: 50 g

Packaging Includes

  • Round Leather Corner Cutting Ruler x 1pc

Over the years, I have accumulated a rather eclectic collection of pill bottles, cups, containers, caps and even keys because I finally found the "perfect" round edge/circle/arc that I needed. This template replaces all of that. All in one place, I have a plethora of circles and curve - inside circles, outside sweeps etc. I can't believe how much room my collection took up - this template takes up a fraction of the space.
It's made of good solid metal that won't bend when you just look at. as an added bonus, because it is made from metal, it can be used as a drawing guide, a cutting guide or a burning guide without causing any damage to it. Glad to have it in my arsenal of leatherworking tools. ——By Dana Miller on March 2, 2021