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Portable Jewelry Pliers Kit

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  • Crimping Pliers - This plier can be used to crimp beads and tube beads with the sizes about 2mm-3mm. For closing crimp covers, crimp beads, round beaded ends, fold over ends and pinch clasps without damaging them. This tool is superior to chain nose pliers since the resulting crimped bead is neat, rounded and even.

  • Cutting Pliers - This plier is specialized for cutting thin metal wires. Made of stainless high carbon steel, sharp, sturdy and wear resistent, it cut jewelry wires like a breeze. Small and exquisite design makes it easy to use. Please be care when using.


  • Hooking Pliers - This plier is designed like an eagle's beak, which is specialized for wire loops fixing, insulating, and nipping. Especially when you need to adjust your jump rings to add or detach some gems or accessories, this plier will play its role.

  • Premium Quality - All these pliers are made of stainless high carbon steel, which are sturdy, wear resistent and durable. The surface is electroplated-processed to give these pliers a long service life. The handle cover is made of anti-skidding silicone and the whole frame is ergonomic designed to reduce hand fatigue for a long time working use.

  • Professional Tool Application -  Professional for handmade jewelry DIY and jewelry lovers. GOOD for finger rings, charm bracelet, ear rings, necklace and many other handmade jewelry crafting.


  • Material: carbon steel
  • Size: 134mm*10.5mm
  • Color: blue
  • Function: wire pliers


  • 1 × crimping pliers
  • 1 × cutting pliers
  • 1 × Hooking pliers