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Paw Shaped Wet Forming Mold

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  • High Quality: It is made of fine plastic high quality, it is hard, durable and very effective in long service time.

  • High Effective: With this mold, you can craft your leather into a paw shape quickly. It can improve your work efficiency and save time.
  • Special Design: It is a compact and simple design, which makes it works more stable.

  • Multiple Function: It is practical, useful and convenient to operate, it is suitable for any kind of leather craftworks.

How to make it?

Step 1: Wet your vegetable tanned leather absolutly in a pool or basin that with water.

Step 2: Put the wetted leather in the mold and fasten them with a G clamp or a vise 10-20mins, blow with hair drier, If you have a jack tool, that will be best.

Step 3: Loosen the G clamp or vise and take out the molded leather.

Step 4: Cut off the redundant leather and paint the color you want, sew them together.