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Paracord Bracelet Outdoor Survival Rope

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5 colors (each 5 feet long) and 4 buckles
Outdoor Survival Rope Crafting Kits 

High Quality
The inner part of the rope is made of polyester and the outer part is made of nylon, with a 7-strand inner core design. Each rope can withstand a pulling force of 140 kg.
The rope is tightly woven, with fine surface texture, good abrasion resistance, and will not fluff after frequent friction.
Can be used to make DIY bracelets, outdoor survival bracelets, tent drawstrings, clotheslines, key chains, emergency bracelets, Carabiner, Dog Collar, etc.

5Pcs different colors Paracord Ropes, each 10 feet long. The different colors can satisfy various aesthetics.
Nice Gift
It can be used by yourself or as a good gift to give away. You also can invite friends and relatives to make a Paracord Bracelet.
Package Included
Carefully selected 5 different colors, each 5 feet long. Each set contains 4 buckles. Meet your different needs. Great for beginners, intermediate and advanced users and all ages.