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Leathercraft Modeling Carving Tools for Press Rub/Edge Skiving

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Create stamped leather art, relief drawings and ornamental trim. Use it on cowhide, saddles, belts, wallets, leather bags and more.

High Quality Material: Carving parts made of stainless steel plus handle made of threaded designed rubber, this leather craft modeling tools is durable, rust-proof, non-slip and feel comfortable, used in leather making, processing contour shape details.

Conical & ball shaped leather carving tool: it could be used for doing outline drawing, using a pointed tip to press the dots, making dots display, and drawing beautiful or smooth lines on the leather.

Shallow spoon leather carving tool: Suitable for fine processing of subtle parts, pressing & rubbing lines, smoothing beveling marks, embellishing the background to enhance the display effect on leather.

Deep spoon leather carving tool: Commonly used for figure carving, embossing shapes for lines and decorative lines, helping to shape contours and enhance the stereoscopic perception of leather carvings.


Material: Stainless Steel / Silicone (grip)

Length: 15.9cm / 5.9inch

Net Weight: 380 g


3 Pcs of leather craft carving modeling tools

1 x conical head press carving tool

1 x shallow spoon press carving tool

1 x deep spoon press carving tool