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Leather Round Wax Thread

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Wire Diameter And length
Wide Application: Can be used for leather sewing, jewelry making, binding, wrapping, stringing, knotting, lacing, beading, pendants, waist chain and DIY crafts.

Sturdy Cord: This roll of lightweight, non sticky, and strong braided round waxed cord has good tensile strength. It does not easily disintegrate.

Easy to Use: It is flexible and easy to maneuver but stiff enough to tie knots or hold shapes, and it will not break when being pulled with bare hands.

  • Material: Waxed polyester

  • Condition: Top quality, smooth, well polishing

  • Applications:Handmade, woven bracelet, leather sewing, etc.

  • Size

    0.4mm Diameter: length 147yard/125m

    0.5mm Diameter: length 131yard/120m

    0.6mm Diameter: length 82yard/75m

Knocks, scratches will make the wax thread lighter in color, do not pay attention to. The finished product will regain the original color of the waxed thread during use.

Color may vary slightly due to the color setting of each individual monitor.