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Diamond & Gemstone Pick-up Tool

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  • HUMANIZED DESIGN: The picker tool has a spring-loaded plunger which can push out and retract 4 bent steel prongs, which enables you to operate and use it easily and conveniently. Dense flutes of the surface provide a sound anti-skid effect.

  • PREMIUM QUALITY: Made of stainless steel material, rust-resistent, wear-resistent, sturdy and durable. The surface of the tool has been sommthly polished and electroplated, which gives you a comfortable metal quality hand-touch.

  • HIGH STRENGTH GRIP: Ergonic design and premium material give it high strength grip. You can use it to pick up, hold and place varieties of small beads, stones, diamonds, gems, gemstones, pearls, etc.. High strength grip guarantees no falling and no damage to the items you pick up.

  • MULTIPURPOSE APPLICATIONS: Not only can Diamond & Gemstone Pick-up Tool be used in handmade jewelry DIY field, but can be used for in-growth hair removal, eyelash extension, eyebrow removal, paper carving, embroidery, styling, mobile phone repair, watch repair, guest appearance, diamond painting, glasses, instruments, small silver, etc..


  • Material: stainless steel
  • Size: 11.3cm/1.45in
  • Color: silver
  • Weight: 25g


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