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Carving Swivel Knife For 5.5mm/6.5mm Cutter Head Double Bearing Adjustable

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4 / 6 fraction structure

[the center of gravity of rotation moves down, relatively stable]

The 4 / 6 fractional structure is a pioneer in the reform of rotary cutters. 4 / 6 can effectively shorten the torque, reduce the turning radius, make the cutter rotate more flexible, carve more smoothly, and close to the golden section ratio, so that the cutter can guarantee the performance and have more aesthetic feeling at the same time.

manufacturing process

[the manufacturing tolerance is within ± 0.02mm, and the joint of the cutter is less than 1 / 4 mm]

[There is no friction at the rotary interface, no jitter and no frame]

Imported double bearing

[It is imported from Japan to ensure smoothness, flexibility and service life]

Anti ash design of bearing

[the bearing is a precision product. After being used for a long time, the rotation smoothness will be affected,The design of concave + convex surface at the connection of tool handle is to effectively isolate dust. ]

On damping

[With regard to damping, everyone has different requirements for the smoothness of the cutter, Now the knife can adjust the damping. ]

There is a small mechanism inside the handle, which can be turned at the desired speed with a screw driver. (loosen to the left and tighten to the right).

About knurling

[the knurled part is thickened and deepened to increase friction, The shape of the knurled flower is rhombic, so it will not slip or hurt when used]

About size

[adjustable height, about one centimeter adjustable loosening amount]

Cutter head

[half of the plane, it will not slip when using, and it is firmly fixed]

Introduction to cutter head

The most important thing for you to care about is the wear resistance of the blade.
Whether the cutter head is sharp or not is not only reflected in whether the cutting line is smooth and easy to force, but also has direct feedback in the leather effect. Whether the knife line is stuck or elegant depends largely on whether the knife head is sharp. Imagine that if a cutter needs to press down with brute force, don't lift the knife and take it back, the knife line may be bumpy by itself Next, how high the craft may not show the original level. What we can do is that the cutting edge of each cutter head is finely ground to ensure that each cutter head can easily cut the leather edge.

About the blade

[V-shaped blade]

After fine cutting and grinding, the surface of the V-shaped blade is almost mirror like, and the carving is as smooth as silk.

Connection of tool head and body

[change the point of rotation and stability]

The biggest difference between rotary cutter and other cutters in the world lies not only in the change of rotation point and stability, but also in the connection between the blade and the blade.

Many cutters have a large step fault because they are adapted to different cutter heads. Although most of the methods are chamfering on the blade body to obtain a relatively comfortable feel, the existence of the fault will still stick to the fingers. However, the X1 rotary cutter was designed with no step connection between the cutter head and the blade body at the beginning of the design In terms of raw materials, the cost will be relatively high, but we feel that such connection is extremely necessary.

On connecting cylinder

[he tool head with a diameter of 5.5mm can be used]

The handle is suitable for other bits

The purchase of sleeve can realize the use of 5.5mm diameter cutter head in addition to the original one.

Cutter material

[made of 304 stainless steel]

Slotted screw

[deep in length, not easy to slip]

U-shaped press hand

[The U-shaped press hand is widened and designed with curved surface, which is close to the curve of fingers to make upward force]