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Bracelet & Ring Jewelry Pliers

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These 2 types of pliers are all professional tools for bracelet and ring DIY lovers. They do not hurt the material and 100% care for your handmade jewelry!

  • Ideal Jewelry Tool: these 2 types of pliers are designed for jewelry designers and makers. Not only can they be used to craft silver or gold finger rings and bracelets, but help you make many other jewelry like earrings, necklaces and chains.

  • Pro & High Performance: Twisting, bending, shaping, straightening, etc. all these can be realized by these pliers. Besides, not like other sharp jewelry pliers, the biggest advantage of these pliers is they will not do harm to metal wires when working. No doubt these pliers are born for handmade jewelry DIY.

  • PREMIUM QUALITY: These 2 types of pliers are all made of stainless carbon steel, whose surface is electroplating-polished, sturdy and durable. The handle cover is made of silicane, anti-skidding and wear-resistent. The plier head is made of hard rubber and silicone, which enables users to flaten, nip and bend the fragile and expensive metal wires easier without scratching or breaking them.

  • EASY OPERATION: Ergonomic design enables users to operate them easily and effortlessly. No matter you're a new beginner of DIY handmade jewelry, or a skilled handicraftsman, or a worker in power industry, this set will be a great helper.


  • Color: silver & black handle
  • Material: stainless carbon steel
  • Weight: 200g
  • Function:  metal wires tool; handmade DIY
  • Size: shown as the following


  • 1 × Ring Pliers
  • 1 × Bracelet Pliers