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Anti-cutting Hand Measuring Ruler

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Size/ Aluminum alloy


  • Crafting safety: 0.49inch (12.5mm) protection board can effectively avoid the accidental damage caused by knife jumping during the cutting process.

  • Anti-seepage design: The anti-seepage structure at the marking end can effectively prevent ink from penetrating and entraining ink during the marking operation.

  • Precision measurements: The ruler is a laser engraving line, which is directly engraved on the aluminum alloy body. Easy to read markings and work into pleasure.
  • Non-slip stable base: Triangle ruler's bottom non-slip pad does not slide easily even on smooth surfaces, ensuring stable cutting and marking

  • Multipurpose usage: The aluminum ruler is perfect for safe cutting, scribing, drawing, and other operations in students, art, advertising, painting, design, and other industries.


  • Color: Black
  • Material: Aluminum alloy
  • Three different sizes:

    Small: 8.27x 1.38inch (210x 35mm)

    Middle: 12.20x 1.38inch (310x 35mm)

    Large: 18.11x 1.38inch (460x 35mm)

Packaging Includes

  • Anti-cutting Hand Ruler x 1pc