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7 Basic Home Handy Needles

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VARIOUS USE: leather needles for hand sewing works great for mattresses, leather, upholstery, carpets, coats, tents, canvas, sacks, bags, etc.
  • Material: High-grade steel
  • This pack includes 7 pcs of Special Needles.
    Glover's Needle for Sewing Leather and Furs(5.1cm) x 1pc
    Carpet Needle for Sewing Carpet and Heavy Cloth. (4.35cm) x 1pc
    Sail Needle for sewing canvas, Tarpaulin and Venetian Blinds. (5.1cm) x 1pc
    Straight Upholstery Needle for repairing chairs, sofas and car seats. (8.6cm) x 1pc
    Sack Needle for sewing sacks, bags and hampers(7.3cm) x 1pc
    Small curved Mattress needle(3CM) x 1pc
    Big Curved Mattress Needle for sewing Upholstery and Mattress. (5CM) x 1pc