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3 Needles Copper Handle Sewing Awl Hand Stitcher

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  • Made of high-quality copper material and steel
  • A great tool for sewing or repairing canvas leather, shoes, soles, bag, more convenient for household.
  • Assembled by components, needle can move from copper handle. You can replace the crochet pin according to the requirement, and replace it conveniently.

  • Includes copper taper-shank, straight needle, bent Needle and curved needle
  • Size: Copper Handle: Approx. 6.7cm / 2.6in;
    Round Hole Needle: Approx. 6.9cm / 2.7in;
    Straight Needle: Approx. 7.7cm / 3.0in;
    Bent Needle: Approx. 7.7cm / 3.0in.