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3# 5# Zipper Teeth Remover Double Head

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Remove Zipper Teeth within Seconds

Finding an easy solution to remove zipper teeth? As one of the DIY hand tools, zipper accessory is entitled with high performance according to strict rule.

No extra step is required when you use this hand tool and the operation is simple.


  • Comfortable grip, save time and effort.
  • Easy to use and simple to operate, zipper gear remover is with exquisite craftsmanship, light and practical.
  • With hard texture, strong and durable, the remover is made of materials in high quality.
  • Double Head Size 3 & Size 5


  • Materials: Steel
  • Zipper Teeth Remover: 15x85mm
  • Hit board: 50x30x10mm
  • Weight: 190g


1 x Zipper Teeth Remover (Double Head Size 3 & Size 5) AND 1 x Steel Hitting Board