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1mm Round Hole Hollow Punch Cutter

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The leather hole puncher are mainly used for perforating, sewing, engraving, stamping and so on. Suitable for leather or leather products, such as belts, watch bands, bag, boots, etc.

Our Leather Craft Punching Tools are fitted with polished and smooth handles for a comfortable hold, with sharp teeth that will allow you to punch neat and even holes into leather quickly and effortlessly!

The surface of the lacing stitching chisel tool is blackening and lacquer baking, fine polishing and coated with rust inhibitor, which will not easy to rust and make punching faster and easier.


Material: Made of solid steel and integral heat treatment, which has the advantage of high strength, good wear resistance and long service life.

Round hole diameter 1mm

Style A: hole center distance is 4mm and available in 2/4/6 hole sizes(3PCS)

Style B: hole center distance is 5mm and available in 2/4/6 hole sizes(3PCS)

Style C: hole center distance is 6mm and available in 2/4/6 hole sizes (3PCS)


Place your leather on a cutting mat. Use a Leather Craft Punching Tool to firmly press down and create even holes.



Create even, clean holes in leather

Sharp and circular teeth punch quickly and effortlessly

Excellent wear resistance and impact resistance

Made of durable, high-strength steel