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18pcs Leather Tooling Kits

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This leathercraft tools set include: Awl, Adjustable groover,Polish Tool, Skiving Knife, Edge Beveler,Punch Tool, Chisel, Skiving Tool, which can meet your basic needs for leather crafts.

The leather craft tools can help you to make your own unique design and pattern on wallets, handbags, belt,sewing leather,canvas,cloth,paper etc,which can also be used by beginners and professionals.You can start your design work with this sample kit.

PACKAGE: 18 set leathercraft tool

5pc Leather Edge Grinding Polish Tool

1pc Adjustable Leather Edge Stitching Groover Tool

1pc Wood Handle Edge Beveler 1mm

1pc Japanese Style Skiving Knife

1pc Leather Edge Edger Beveler Skiving Tool

1pc Leather-craft Sewing Roulette Leather Stitching Wheel 2.5mm

1pc Leather-craft Sewing Roulette Leather Stitching Wheel 4mm

1pc Wood Multi-Size Edge Slicker

1pc Multi-Size Hole Punch, 1.5mm/2mm/2.5mm/3mm/3.5mm/4mm

1pc Adjustable Edge Creaser up to 1.5cm

1pc Leather Stitching Diamond Chisel 4mm 1,2,4,6 Prong

1pc Skiving Tool with 5pcs Replacement Blades

1pc Stainless Edge Beveler 1mm

1pc Stainless Edge Beveler 2mm

1pc Wood handle Awl