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Simple And Practical Vegetable Tanned Leather Flip Cover Phone Case
03.16.2022 | Likolly |

Tools and materials needed to prepare for the production of the vegetable-tanned leather flip phone case.

Quick-drying white latex, polishing strips, edge polishing wax, edge polishing stick, pellet needle, mercury pen & cleaning pen, groover, edge trimmer, leather cutter, diamond chopper, edge trimmer, waxed thread, vegetable-tanned leather.

Steps for making vegetable-tanned leather flip phone case.

1 The first step; as usual, first use cardboard to beat the board, my size is designed for iPhone4/4S.

2 Draw lines on the leather

3 Cut the leather according to the drawn line

4 First on the first time the butter

5 Wait for the oil to dry almost and then put on an anti-dye lotion

6 Please ignore this step; the deer decoration is I took off the charm, I just want to try the effect of the stamp. (If you also want to stamp, it is best to do this before oiling, because after the oil and lotion, the leather is not easily wet by water.)

7 Printed effect, after all, just a charm, can not pursue too high.

8 Began to trim the edge, the "T" type of leather only need to repair the two protruding edge.

9 With CMC to deal with the meat surface layer. (I am personally not used to using CMC to deal with the meat layer, but I can not help but bed treatment agent with no, have to temporarily use CMC to deal with a little.)

10 After the CMC must be sanded, grinding to the effect like this in the picture on the line.

11 Then several parts of the leather edge also need to sand.

12 Sanding leather edge is also the same, first coated with CMC, and then polished with a grinding rod.

13Apply beeswax again and continue sanding.

14 Then use a lighter to lightly roast the leather, so that the wax can melt and penetrate into the leather to play the role of waterproof and anti-cracking. After baking, apply wax again, and then polish with cotton cloth.

15 Use the edge line tool to press the line, this is done for aesthetic purposes. (Curved line is recommended to use the spacing gauge)

16 Leather surfaces are treated next is the bonding, the piece of leather with a notch, in addition to the notch side of the other three sides are coated with white latex.

17 So glued to one end of the large piece of leather, and then four circles with a card stuck.

18 Start gluing the clips. Put all the cards on, fix the position and draw a good line, and start gluing.

19 According to reason this place need to sew, but I think the surface has a line will affect the beauty, so decided to use strong glue.

20 This place with white latex on the line, because there are also stitches.

21 Also use the card to glue the part stuck. I did not have a card, so I had to find the focus of something to press.

22 Mineral water + toolbox hahaha ~

23 Gluing the second snap. I pressed on this side of the toolbox and mineral water to change the location. because this side of the card is a "convex" type, the two sides will not be glued solid.

24 With a card so stuck waiting for cooling.

25 In the outer skin to dig out the line groove, take care not to keep digging through, and the reverse side of the skin as long as possible.

26Punch a hole in the dug wire slot with a diamond chop. Remember! The diamond chop must be vertical! Knock lightly, knock more, and pay attention to the tip of the reverse side.

27 Start sewing, I used cotton and linen waxed thread.

28 Note! Cotton linen thread should not be burned with fire when closing, apply a little white glue before knotting, then apply a little white glue after pulling tight and cutting.

29The sewing part is finished.

30 Repair the leather edge with a skin cutter and try to repair it as flat as possible.

31Apply CMC

32Sand to this level.

33 Apply beeswax once more.

34Bake with fire and continue to polish. To this extent in the picture, it is ready.

35Basically, the shape is ready.

36This step is a bit hard. Because I do not have a mold, I had to wrap my small 4 plastic wraps to act as a mold.

37Wet this skin with a sponge dipped in water, wet a little on it.

38 Wrap the plastic wrap small 4 stuffed in, fixed position. Use a grinding rod to push the edge little by little, so that the skin is slowly shaped.

39 Finally, rub a little mink cream on the skin and it's all done!

40 Close up of the edge. As they say, slow work makes perfect, this side I polished for almost an hour.

41 Appearance