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DIY hand-sewn leather handbag
03.10.2022 | Likolly | Leatherworks

Everything starts with drawings and paper molds, this will not be explained. Thus start by cutting the leather and marking the diamond chopped holes.

After that, we punched holes using diamond cutters, mainly using Iwataya's 5 and 2 diamond cutters.

After punching the holes, use the edge trimmer to handle the trimmed edges, then the edges are sanded and sealed.
Next, prepare the stitching. For better stitching and aesthetics, thin the edges that need to be stitched.

For better bending, the bottom of the bag is scribed.

After that, glue is applied to the stitching area, which is then glued and fixed point to point, and after about 15-20 minutes, the cone is removed and the stitching begins.

Ear guards on both sides, glued and stitched.

After the main body of the bag is made, the handle is made, which has two pieces of leather glued together, but note that the two ends do not need to be glued.

The same perforated stitching and sealed edges.

After that, install the carrying handle, install the liner, install the buckle, complete.